Cleaning Chemicals

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All Chemicals are available in the following container sizes:
Product Alternative Name Description
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Acid Rust Cleaner

R- Descale

Contains Rust inhibitor Hibbatex for Descaling

Acid Slime

Acid Slime Remover

Friendly Acid used on tiles and Fungus areas

Aid Dishwasher Machine

Rinse Aid

Dishwasher  Machine use only

Air Freshener Liquid

R -Deo

Liquid air fresh that can be diluted / Use spray Bottle

Aluminium Cleaner

SS Alum Bright

Caution contains Sulphuric Acid -White

Aluminium Truck Cleaner


Use on Trucks (Caution  Hydrofluoric Acid -red)

Ammoniated Scouring Cleaner  

Pandy pandy

SABS 1828 / White Cream for hard surface

Anti Freeze   /   Summer coolant

Anti Freeze   /   Summer coolant

Summer And Coolant Blue

Anti Freeze / Eco  

Ice Berg

Coolant for radiators

Auto Dish Wash 

Auto Wash 20/7

Dosing Machine Washer



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Barrier Cream perfume

Protect Cream

All Purpose hand cleaner/ For hands that need protection

Bleach Liquid 5%

Bleach Con

SABS 1828 Contains Hypochlorite

Bleach Liquid Perfume   5%

Bleach Pot Con

SABS 1828 Contains Hypochlorite

Bleach Powder

HFP 50 / Bleaching Powder

Hypo Form Powder

Bleach Powder

Home  Bleach Powder

6.3% m/m Available Chlorine And Detergent Compounds

Bleach Thick cleaner


Thick Liquid for better results in toilets

Bottle and boiler Wash Acid

Hibatex /   DeRuster 123

Built in DeRuster /  Non foaming Acid /   FA-FA

Brass  Polish

Brass It

Use for Silver And Gold Polish

Brick and  Cement Cleaner

Mortar Wash

Contains HCL /Remover of unwanted  Mortar  Foaming Acid /Clear

Broad  Spectrum  cleaner

Quat Ds

This product Kills 99,9% Bacteria/ Foaming/ blue

Bubble   Bath

Fresh  Bubble  Time

Soft on skin /Bubbles/ soft water Additives



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Car polish

Auto Car Glaze

Used to shine and restore car paint sheen

Carburettor Cleaner

Free Flow

Carbon Remover / Rubber seal to be Removed

Carpet / Fabric stain remover

Spot Remover

Yellow / Use for Stubborn Marks / Spray on Wipe off

Carpet Shampoo Perfume


Used to wash rugs and carpets / Hand and Machine use

Chasse cleaner / Strong  Water Base  Degreaser

Chase 2000

Removers Any Dirt /Red alkaline / Strong Additives / must be diluted

CIP Alkaline

CIP Alkaline Foam Det

Cleaning Foam  Agent used to remove Fat

Concrete Floor Acid Cleaner

Con Clean

Purple / used to remove oil from concrete

Concrete Painted Floor Cleaner

FD7 liquid / Floor Care

Mop use / Alkaline Water Base/ Pink

Crate Washer Degreaser

Adglo 510

Clear Strong Alkaline / Removes Fatty solids



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Dash Protect Cleaner

Dash Bull  It

White Perfume Thick / For Plastic and Leather in cars/ Uv Resistant

De- Carbonize

Carb React KG

Removes carbon and Paint /Two Phase /Dip tank application

De Ruster

Hibitor 123

Non Foam Acid -   FA/FA

Degreaser / Box Container Cleaner

MSC Degreaser

Removes oil and stubborn marks from Wood and Hard surfaces

Degreaser Heavy Duty

Jet Wash

Yellow /  Water Base / Bio Degradable / Strong Cleaner/ Many Usages

Degreaser no fumes Smell

Jastino Stpp

Water Base Parts Cleaner / Soft chem. Remover

Degreaser Super Foam  Green


Used on Cabs and new vehicle and trucks / Hand and pressure cleaner

Degreaser Water Base for Car And Trucks

Concord Degreaser

New Degreaser for most car wash units

Degreasing Universal

Mr T / Tag

Hi Foaming  Water Base degreasing

Degreasing water base/  carbon on  Aluminium heads

402 Quick Engineering

Product still in test mode

De-Icier Powder  Remover

Walk Safe

Removing Ice Build up / This product is food Safe/ Not Salt

Deo Blocks (100gm Round)

Oops Fresh  Blocks

Used in toilet urinals / Kills odour and Repeals insect


Desak 41

Used on cooling towers Strong on Scale   /    Foam Acid


Nitric Acid

Acid  Non Foaming  -        FA/FA


ECONO  Dish up

Washing Up Economy / Green

Dishwasher Green -Lime Perfume

Lime Washing Up

Washing up liquid with perfume

Dishwasher Green- No Perfume

Normal Dishwasher

Washing up liquid  / Grease Cut  Detergent

Dishwasher Yellow -No Perfume

Super Dishwasher

Washing up liquid /SABS 232  Yellow / Foam booster

Disinfectant - QAC - Non Perfume


Bacteria killer

Distilled Water

Distilled H2o

Used in Re Chargeable batteries and Sterile Cleaning

Drain Cleaner  Flakes / Aluminuim shavings

Drain Flakes

(Contains Hydroxide) This product heats up and loosens Fatty deposits

Drain Cleaner and Odour killer

Black Dip

Used to clean drains and areas that have bad Odour

Drain Cleaner Liquid  Acid

Drain Flow

Acid Liquid unblocks and cleans drains in one application

Pine Foaming Cleaner with QAC 

Savlon Bac

Orange / Hi Foaming water Base / Perfumed pine smell

Pine Hard Surface Cleaner  Sanitizer

Super Pine

Yellow Liquid with a pine odour and foaming Agents



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Electrical Cleaner 100%


Product is non Flammable SABS 1365



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Fabric Softener

Spring soft

Softens clothes and leaves them fresh /20 ml to every wash

Floor and Tile Cleaner

Super Clean

Built in Bleaching Agent /  Blue

Floor Cleaner   

Power Clean

Formulated for floors and stubborn carpets / Machine Use de-foamer

Floor Cleaner Powder

FCD Garage Powder

Formulated  to remove oil and clean Drive ways

Floor Polish

  Floor Bright

Liquid Shine / One Step Application

Floor Polish Buff able

Brite n Brite 15% /Sealer Pro

White Buffable polish for perfect shine

Floor Powder

FCD Floor Powder

Floor Powder with a strong Alkaline Base

Floor Sealer

Permanent Sealer

Clear / Water proofing / Clear Shine 2 Coats min

Floor Stripper Ammonia 

Super Strip

Ammonia base for fast removal of old polish/ 1sq m at time

Floor Stripper/ Non Ammonia

Polish Stripper

Ideal for Small unventilated Spaces

Food Floor Cleaner

Kleen Clor

Cleans up fat and kills Bacteria on  any surface

Food Grade Industry    /   Sodium Hydroxide Flacks

Caustic Flakes

Non Foaming / Strong alkaline Sanitizer / corrosive

Food Grade Industry    /   Sodium Hypochlorite  /  FA/FA

Hypo 5 Kopchlor

Non Foaming  / Bleaching / Oxidizing

Food Grade Industry  / Phosphoric Base

HAC  60

Hi Foaming Acid  Removing Heavy soiled form Steel Surfaces

Food Grade Industry  / Phosphoric Base

HAC 560

Hi Foaming Acid  Removing Heavy soiled form Steel Surfaces

Food Grade Industry  / Spirits Of Salts

Hydrochloric Acid

Acid Non Foaming/ Used in water to control PH  and Cleaning

Food Grade Industry /         Hydrogen Peroxide Sanitizer


CIP Cleaning / Boiler Houses/ Beverage ind / Stop Algae build Up

Food Grade Industry / Chlorine Liquid Sanitizer


Cleans and kills Bacteria on any surface / Used in Drains, Showers and CIP

Food Grade Industry / Coarse  Salt  / 50 Kg

Sodium Chloride

Water Treatment / Soften water

Food Grade Industry /Chlorine Liquid Sanitizer  Heavy duty

Septol 360

Cleans and kills Bacteria on any surface / Used in Drains, Showers and CIP



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General Purpose Bleaching Degreasing


Blue Lavender Detergent  /Removes dirt on any surface / Fresh smelling   

General Purpose Cleaner  no Smell

Twenty 4 Seven

General Purpose / Yellow

General Purpose Clear cleaner

SAB Aromatic Clear

Hi Foaming Detergent non Perfume Cleaner

General Purpose Perfume Liquid cleaner

Maxi clean

Green  Perfume liquid for med cleaning

General Purpose thick  cleaner

Tea poll ph

Orange colour / Orange perfume Neutral ph    /  Safe cleaner

Glue PVC

PVC Weld Glue  

Solvent  Glue

Glue Super Strip

Clicks Remover

Solvent NF Product / removal of glue on plastic Crates

GP Truck Cleaner

Multi Truck Wash

Purple / Neutral  Product / Hi Foaming Detergent



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Hand cleaner  and conditioner

Flight Hand Cleaner

Cleans and conditions hands/ white Gel

Hand cleaner Abrasive /  Almond

Mr. Brown Hand Cleaner

Heavy duty To Remove Dirt  from hands

Hand cleaner Fine grit

Force 40 Hand cleaner

Remove Dirt  from hands with a fine grit/ Only sold in white

Hand Soap


Anti Bacterial Hand Soap / Used in toilet Dispensers / Pink and Perfume



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Insecticide Control


White Liquid / Poison / Dilute with water

Insecticide Control  Concentrated

Dursban Control Concentrated

Clear Poison Liquid / Dilute With Water



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Laundry Washing Powder

High Foam Verlocity

General purpose washing powder / Top Loader/ Hand Wash

Laundry Washing Powder

Low Foam Verlocity

Optical brightener/ Auto washing machines only

Liquid Paint and Varnish Stripper

Strip It

Liquid Remover / Caution on safety



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Oven Cleaner

Grime off

Removes stubborn fat and burn stains.



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Paint Stripper Gel

Paint off

Use a Paint Brush to apply / Scrape or clean brush off

Petroleum Jelly


Clear Jelly / Vaseline

Pine Gel Disinfectant

Pine Gel

Pine gel that cleans and disinfects in one step



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Solvent Degreaser


High performance Solvent Degreaser Cleaner

Solvent Degreaser

LAB Solvent

Non Foaming Solvent / Engine parts

Solvent Degreaser

Solve Bright

Solvent Degreaser that leaves a shines



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Tar Remover Solvent

Hurricane Parrafine

Solvent Base Spray to area / wipe clean


HD Thinners

Use in Cleaning and Spraying Enamel and Epoxy

Toilet Bowl cleaner


Use in toilet bowl to remove stains and descale

Tyre Lube

Tyre Lube 6

Tyre beading lubricant/ Hi Alkaline /Tall oil Base

Tyre Shine


Protects all rubber and looks new



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Wash n Wax

Car Bright

Clean and protects paint work

Weed killer Granular


Used in thick bush /under paving  / rain does the rest

Weed killer Liquid

Mamba /Springbok

Dilute with water 1 lt to 100 lt water

Window Cleaner

Sparkel  Window

Good foaming Additive with Ammonia for extra force 



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